Okay, so what is this?

Caleb Jacobo
This is me. And a wall.

Hello friend,

My name is Caleb Jacobo and I am a writer living in Layton, Utah. Right now, I wanted to take a moment to explain a little bit about what I am trying to accomplish here.

The fist goal of my blog is posterity. The posts may not always be pretty, but they may serve as valuable insight into the development of a writer.

The second goal of my blog is entertainment. The blog gives me the opportunity to practice my craft and create readable content at the same time. Herein you will find posts in response to prompts as well as story sketches. The content I write is aimed at engaging the reader and communicating with them.

The third goal of my blog is to create a tangible collection of my development as a writer for future Caleb to read and hopefully learn from. I firmly believe that I should always be learning and growing and that the moment I am satisfied completely, I’ve done something wrong.

So that, in a nut-shell, is what my blog is all about. I will undoubtably make updates and revisions to this info, so check back again!




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