It’s Time for a Change

I’ve been busy with my non-writing work and with launching a new business, so for the first time in four years, I’m having difficulty finding time to write, which is unacceptable. For the past four years I’ve had nearly unlimited time to study the art and craft of writing and to put that study into practice, but now that my time is being sucked away by other responsibilities, I need to find a way to integrate writing study and practice back into my schedule.

I’ve found that the more I learn about writing, the harder writing becomes. Do you ever feel that way? I used to be able to pump out a sketch or a prompt in a few hours (sometimes minutes), edit it down, and publish it the same day. Now I find myself starting numerous sketches and prompts without ever finishing them. Most of the time I feel the writing is not up to par with my new expectations. This is very harmful in my opinion, because as a result, I’ve been writing less and less over the past year. The more I learn, the more afraid I am of writing anything!

In an attempt to change all this, I’ve decided to schedule my journaling into my hectic daily schedule, and to force myself to stay on top of it, I have committed to posting all my writing journal entries on this blog.

If you are in the same boat as I am, or like to see a fellow writer struggle, you’ll get a kick out of the coming posts. I’ll continue to post sketches and prompts as I am able, and as a bonus, by posting all my journal entries, you will be able to see how I come to the conclusions I do and how I integrate those conclusions into my writing. The posts may not always be pretty or strongly edited, but I think they will be educational and inspirational for myself and my readers. After all, this blog is primarily for posterity.

I would like to mention that your comments are welcome and encouraged. Many of the ideas I treat in this journal are worth discussing, and I’m always open to new ideas.

Thank you for reading — I write for you! — and keep writing.






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