Observations on responding to violence with nonviolence

Hello you.

First, I’d like to apologize for the delay in free reads; I found a gold mine of learning material that I have been studying over the past few weeks. Since learning has always been the goal of this public writing journal, I took the opportunity to absorb the information because I believe you are intelligent readers that deserve quality contemporary material that’s both entertaining and thought provoking.

Second, I wanted to share something new with you, so here is a recent excerpt from my meatspace (physical world) journal:

[…] Violence is attracted to violence, but when violence comes into contact with innocence combined with nonviolence—meaning there is no cause or reciprocation—there is no impetus for the continuation of the violence. If one is slighted by accident but does not reciprocate, the violence is defeated by the pity one feels for the victim and the humility shown. Just as one cannot beat a dog that bows its head and lies at your heel. But if that same dog were to snap and bite at your knuckles? Just as if the one slighted by accident, in anger, takes violent action against their abuser, then violence is inflamed; it metamorphoses, evolves, to a committed, pestilent violence that signals danger not only to the combatants, but to their affected environments as well. What’s worse, this reciprocation can be only seeming rather than actual or intended and the inflammation will still occur. —Caleb Jacobo Feb. 11, Observations on responding to violence with nonviolence






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