Marvin the Protector

I am a strong boy. Mama tells me I’m strong because I don’t have the same head as the other boys, but I has the strength more than them. I go to school at Windsor Elementary. The teachers are nice. The principal is nice. The kids are not nice all the time. I don’t like to always sit by myself, but since Steven said so, none of the other kids sit with me. Some of my friends still sit with me, but it is Mrs. Holland and some more kids from my classes.

Mariella and John are my friends. Mariella has a chair to go in. John uses a silver walker. I don’t need something special to go places. But sometimes I wish I could close my eyes for the day like Mariella. The other kids make fun because I don’t go to their regular classes. I don’t care about going to those classes though. They are very loud. And fast. And when the teacher says something, faster than anyone could hear it, half the kids have their hands in the air. No, I don’t like that. I don’t want them kids to look at me and the teacher pick me to answer but my brain doesn’t work fast enough and I just start yelling.

I have three special recesses a day. At second recess, the normal kids are still playing, and that means Steven was playing. Steven played ball in the chalk squares near the sand box. That day, Mariella went to the nurse’s office when she got to school so John and I played alone on the swings. John dug in the sand with a plastic water cup and I tried to swing as high as I could without moving much.

“What are you idiots up to?”

Steven wore a green shirt with fancy letters that spelled ‘NOTW’.

“What are you staring at slobber jaw? You like this? Means I’m going to heaven. Means I’m saved. Where are you dummies going when you die?”

John gave a low groan and dug faster into the sand. I stared at Steven’s nonsense shirt.

“I asked you lumps a question. You too dumb to talk?” He looked around, saw Mrs. Norris sipping her coffee with Mr. Yasuki, then walked up to John. “What are you building? You digging to China?” He spit in pit.

John lowered his brows and leaned in to see the jelly water pool at the bottom of his well. I stood up from the hot plastic seat.

“What do you want?” He laughed. “Freak without the gear huh? Your friends were happy they didn’t have to eat with you idiots anymore.” He crouched down to John, who still watched the sand suck in the spit. “Here let me fix this.” He spread out his arms and cupped two mounds of sand in each hand and filled in the hole.

I didn’t look to see if Mrs. Norris was looking before I jumped on him.






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