The King's Letter

Here is a poem I wrote this evening. Enjoy!

The King’s Letter

See you not my torn ear and tattered paw,
And prove they not my battlefield valor?
Victory over forest and fortress!

What better measure of a king than they
Who sing of him with tender cadence all?
Mark my worth in ounces by these voices.

For your king is a good king, generous,
Whose bountiful gifts swell with my love,
But contracts about the throats of my foes.

See here your king! Obey me, be of me,
Sing of me; hear of me and be moved.
Entertain me that I may accept you.

But if this note finds you bound to a man,
And if he cannot outpace my charger,
I will kill him,
And rejoice in the simplification of your choice.






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