Pillards pleas along with his girlfriend were laughed out of the pub by attentive mid-day patrons.

Here is a prompt I wrote this afternoon. Enjoy!

Prompt: A quick encounter.

“Holy crap Pills, that’s three IPAs in an hour,” Jake said. “Didn’t you smoke a huge bowl with Jenny before we came?”

Pillard threw up his elbows, sniffed his armpits, and raised his eyebrow. “Do I smell like weed?”

“Hah, I don’t know man, I don’t smoke.”

“He doesn’t!” Jenny sat up from the polished pub table and raised an authoritative finger.

“Okay, well I know you’re high dear,” Jake said.

“Haha ha … shut up.”

“Quiet down kids,” Pillard said. “It was edibles Jake, chill out, both of you.”

“Why so antsy bro?”

“She’s going to think I’m insane with you clowns.”

“Don’t call en-me a clown,” Jenny said.

“Quiet hun—Pills, look bro; you’re super cool man, you don’t have anything to worry about. She’s not going to mind us. It’s been too long already.”

A snapping snore escaped Jenny’s new nap.

“I’m not eating with your girlfriend anymore Jake, she’s loosing it.”

Then a young woman appeared beside the table. “You must be Pillard’s old friends,” she said.

“Oh, hi there,” Jake said. Everyone stood. Except Jenny, who still snored. “I’m Jake, this is my lady friend Jenny.” He kicked at her stool.

Jenny snorted then raised a greeting hand.

Pillard kissed the girl’s cheek. “Hey gorgeous, you look—whew.” He helped her maneuver her floor-length floral skirt over the stool.

Once seated, there was several moments of silence.“I thought you said you were going to wait for me to start?” The new girl said.

“Oh no,” Jake said, “it’s my bad—uhm—what’s your name?”


Jenny gave a squealing honk; she covered her mouth with both hands. Starshine thumbed her beaded clutch.

“Well Stars,” Jake said, “we had your man come a little early because Jenny was starving.”

“Starshine dude,” Pillard said, “come on.”

“Starshine,” Jake said.

“Starshine.” She said.

They sat and Starshine pried open her hand bag and found her chapstick. “Is your—lady friend?—okay?”

“She’s drunk,” Pillard said.

“No I’m not, I’m fucking stoned!”

Pillard ran a hand through his hair and groaned. Starshine raised her brow. “Oh. You mean like … Marijuana?”

“So are you stupid,” Jenny said.

“Dammit Jake—”

“Sorry Pills—Jenny! Sit up Jenny and help me out.”

“I’m hungry.”

“Perfect,” Pillard said.

“I know your hungry Jen, food’s coming.”

“You already ordered your food too?”

“No,” Pillard said. “Yes,” Jake said.

“I didn’t order, Jake got some pub nachos.”

“With jalepe-ñapoes!” Jenny said.

“Spicy.” Starshine said.

“Yes. Well, it’s really great meeting you finally Starshine. Pills—Pillard keeps the details secret, but I managed to find out at least that you are a banker?”

“Bank teller,” Starshine said. “I’m a bank teller at very influential credit union.”

“Ohh, influential?”

“She can’t say which one,” Pillard said, looking at an imaginary spot over Jake’s shoulder. “It’s for legal reasons.”


“That sounds weird,” Jake said.

“You guys need to back off of her okay?” Pillard hugged Starshine and patted her back and lingered. “I’ll protect you.” His voice cracked.

“How many beers have you had?” Starshine said.


“Four.” Jenny said.

“Four? They’re like forty ounce German mugs Pillard!”

“So what?”

“You have work tomorrow.”

“I have an interview tomorrow, not work.”

“Exactally, not work. Not yet. But now you’re going to show up smelling like alcohol.”

“I’ll be fine babe.” Pillard dragged his fingertips along Starshine’s lips.

She grabs his fingers. “Stop it.”

“Wow,” Jake said. “Sorry guys, I think maybe we should try again?”

“So you’re just drinking again then? You just stopped trying?”

“No Starshine, come on, I’m just celebrating! And you’re meeting my friends for God’s sake.”

“Celebrating the job you haven’t interview for yet Pillard? The one you promised me you’d get three months ago? Good thinking ahead Pillard!”

“Her face goes from white to peach-red to really really—”

“Jenny!” Jake said. “Jenny!” Pillard said.

“This is ridiculous Pillard, you’re still fifteen years old.”

“You didn’t know me when I was fifteen. I was actually a pretty introverted shy kid.”

“Real funny Pillard. No, you know what? I like your friend’s nickname: Pills. I’ll call you Pills from now on. It fits.” Jake coughed a laugh. Jenny just laughed. Pillard grinned. “I hope you think its really funny tomorrow when you don’t wake up for the interview because I’m not waking you up. I’m tired of this depressing old bar. It was cute the first time you took me here.” She stood to leave.

“Starshine!” Pillard said.

She turned the corner.

“Stars, hold on,” Jake said.

Pillard shed a five dollar bill on the table and followed her out. “Starshine!”

Jenny began to sing; “You are my star shine … my only star shine.”

Pillards pleas, along with his girlfriend, were laughed out of the pub by attentive mid-day patrons. Jake took a long sip of his beer and licked up the cream it left on his lip. “Lucky guy.”

“..times are grey.” Jenny sang. “My only star … shine.”






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