Go play outside. Find some real bears.

Prompt: Put on a show.

“Lady and gentlewoman, I am John Myerston Vegali! Today, I will do the impossible. In the far-near-east lies a bear of pure gold, untouched by the hands of man. He is Kosmos, King of the Bears! So! I journeyed East with spear and strength alone; captured the beast, and now present him to you. I did not kill him you see. I had my spear point to his soft belly; I called out in victory, but no one heard. Without witness, my accomplishment would go unsung. Here, then! Inside this cage! Under this cloth! Is the Lord of Bears, land’s most ruthless killer, ruler of the wood! Prepare yourself … Kosmos is here!” I grabbed two handfuls of the sheet. In one motion, I unveiled the white plastic cage. Inside sat a lifeless bear. “Behold! Kosmos!”

“I see him dear,” Mom said. She didn’t look up from her iPad.

“Do you?” I said. “That took a lot of effort to put together and you kind of just told me to get lost.”

“Jesus Johnny you’re five,” Mom said. “Go play outside. Find some real bears.”

“That’s irresponsible,” I said.

“Just-go do-something okay hun?”

I groaned and kicked the cat carrier bear cage. “I’ll be in dad’s office,” I said, and stomped up the stairs.






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