Here is my first image prompt: Amanda and Rebecca.

Joshua Jacobo Sketch 1
Sketch by Joshua Jacobo

Rebecca sucked in a breath of consciousness and pushed herself upright in the dark. “Shoot, what time is it?”

“It’s only noon love,” A low purr came from the pillow beside her. “Lay back down, and rest, you don’t need to be at work for hours.”

Rebecca giggled. “If it’s noon, why can’t I see you Amanda?”

“The sun darling,” Amanda said, “the sun. It’s blinding, give it a moment.” The mattress creaked, something clicked, then the bedside lamp lit up the bed.

Amanda was in soft striped pajamas and a purple shirt. Rebecca sat nude with the white sheets pushed to her feet and the comforter pulled to Amanda’s side of the bed. “There, are they adjusted? Now back to your nap.” Amanda shut off the light and relaxed. She ran her fingers gently over the valleys of Rebecca’s back. “Lay down.”

“You know I can’t be late Amanda, don’t joke, it’s not noon.”

“It’s only seven, love. I just didn’t want to wake you. You’ve got a couple hours. Relax.”

Rebecca sat in silence. Amanda sat up and put a hand on Rebecca’s shoulder. “Hey, I love you, you know.”

“I love you Mandy.”

An evening breeze broke the stillness of the thin linen curtains over their bodies. “Hey, come on, it’s getting cold,” Amanda said. She leaned down, pulled the sheet over both their legs, and they settled down on the bed. Rebecca turned her back to Amanda’s chest and pushed into her warmth.

“I love this time of year,” Rebecca said. “Hot tea, cool nights. We actually get to cuddle.”

“Mm.” Amanda said. Her voice was low and far off and Rebecca smiled in the dark.


“Mm-night.” Amanda groaned.






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