If you could live anywhere …

Hello y’all, here is a fun prompt for Thursday evening.

Prompt: If you could live anywhere …

“And how about you Ron,” Fred said, “where would you go if you could?”

Fred and the other mechanics finished their laughs and drew on their cigarettes. They all looked at Ron, sitting on the blue oil can across from them.

“I’m sorry,” Ron said, “what was the question?” He lowered his sandwich and stared terrified at the men. “Where will I go when?”

The men laughed and exchanged winks and smiles and raised eyebrows. “If you could live anywhere,” one of the men said, “anywhere in the world, where would it be?”

“Yeah,” another man said, “like I would be in Hawaii, hanging out with sea turtles and shit, bathing in the sun you know?”

“Right,” Fred said, “and I was just saying that I might like to see Japan or China, one of them Asian joints.”

“Oh, yes?” Ron said, sitting up a little. “I studied Japanese in high school, what makes you want to visit?”

Fred looked around to his mates nodding and then put out his arm, palm down, with his elbow pointed at me, so that his forearm made a horizontal line. The men burst into laughter and the smoking men coughed.

“Right?” Fred said. Ron furrowed his brow. “American girls are like this,” Fred said, lowing his arm a few inches below his waist and rotating his forearm straight up and down, “You see?” Then he made his arm horizontal again. “Asian girls are like this.” He guffawed and clapped his hands.

“That’s not true,” Ron said. He was pouting now and lifted his sandwich to his mouth. The rest of the mechanics could not control themselves.






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