Here is a prompt on imagination.

Here is a prompt on what, I feel, is an essential element of all our lives.

Prompt: Write about imagination

Each man stood tall and sure, one hand in one pocket of each man’s breast coat pocket.

The man on the left kept his left foot forward and kept his body turned away from his opponent.

The man on the right held his right leg in and held his chest away in a similar fashion to the man on the left.

The men stood on a pass, in a clearing of wood, on a dirt road in mid-autumn. Both men had tossed their hats aside in their excitement at the situation. Both men were tight lipped and heavily mustachioed.

“Well,” the man on the right called out.

“Well!” The man on the left.

“It seems we should carry this on then.”

“So it does.”



” … ”

“Well aren’t you going to start?”

“Me? Oh no my friend, neither of us go first. In a game of Pistolas, both men raise and fire at the exact same time.”


“What’s that?”

“How will we fire at the exact same time?”


“One of us will fire first for sure.”

The men relaxed their straight backs and for a moment. The two men felt the weight of the situation.

“Fine,” the man on the left said. “Alright, if we are going to do this, then we better get on with it.”

“Yes,” the man on the right.

Both men took a breath and narrowed their eyes at each other. The man on the right ground the heel of his boot into the dirt and the man on the left raised his gun hand slow and controlled.

“Bang!” One of the men shouted.

“Bang, Bang!” The other.

“I got you!” The man on the right said, throwing his hands defiantly at the air. “You are dead sir, fall at once.”

“Never!” The second man said putting his pistol, that was his finger, into the air and waving it.

And so, the two men had their game of Pistolas.

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