Thank you for the prompt idea Edan Ben-Moshe!

Here is a one-word prompt based off of Edan Ben-Moshe’s suggestion on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

Prompt: Ennui

“This is marvelous,” Green’s wife said. “Darling, isn’t this just marvelous?” She was dressed in elbow-length gloves and a jeweled, green dress, and matching pumps.

“Indeed Mister Marvalo,” Green said, coming to the urgent looks he received from his wife. Green was quiet literally twice the person his wife was in size, with a great white mustache that tickled the man’s nose. “Just so,” Green said. He gave his only smile and took an awkward sip from his tiny cup. “Top notch, your best work yet!”

Marvalo considered their comments and all three put their attentions back on the four foot by seven painting of what looked like an abstract beach scape. There were families running hand in hand and dogs chasing frisbees and tall palms that swayed with the California beat.

“Hm,” Marvalo said. “It bothers me. I’ve spent three days looking at the damn thing and I haven’t touched it once.”

“No!” Green’s wife said. “It is just wonderful. I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“Well I hope you don’t see anything wrong with it,” Marvalo said.

“No, not at all, It is perfect my man,” Green said.

“I think I’m going to trash it,” Marvalo said.

“But you are the artist,” Green said with a grand open gesture with his hands, and his smile. “You probably see something we don’t.”

“I’m going to trash it.” Marvolo said as he walked out of the room. The Greens were left smiling at each other and not being quite sure what to do next.

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