Here is my second nonfiction exercise.

Hello you,

I believe that a writer should practice all genres of writing. I like to think of it like singing and genres are your singing ‘range.’ One must practice the high notes as well as the low notes, so that you have more options available to you when you sing. Writing is the same way; especially for longer pieces that require a very real communication with the reader.

Any-who, here is another nonfiction prompt.

Prompt: Describe your perfect place to live.

No matter where I’ve been, what I’ve experienced, or what I have learned, my perfect place to live will always be the enchanting canvas of high topped mountains and evergreens. There would be a clearing at the foot of a shear rock wall, encircled by forest. The house would be wood, maybe logged, and have a single door and two windows.

Out front there would be a giant tree stump of an ancient pine, long hardened by time, with wood blocks and oak axe. My table would be hand made oak and sit by the stump. I would take all my meals outside and enjoy the songs of the birds and yips of the playing woodland creatures.

Then my wife would slap me on the back of the head and my perfect place would be a modern home in a nice community with ‘paved’ streets and ‘sidewalks’ and I would be gone and far away from my woodland home, and caged in a residential prison…

I got a bit bored at the end so I might have gone off prompt a bit. Thank you for reading!









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