Ever tried to write a love letter?

The journalism app I use on my computer gave me a wonderful prompt for today. I didn’t get too far…

Prompt: Write a love letter.

Dear Marcie,

God. How can I write to you my dear? You are beyond writing, beyond me and us and all of this. I sound like a fool.

Marcie. I can only hope to satisfy my damnable heart by heeding to it’s insane cries to tell you everything. To tell you all, and tell it true.

That’s not right, is it? Let me start again.

Dear Marcie,

I’ve loved you since I saw Audrey Hepburn’s radiant face smiling up at me from your purse — but no…

Dear Marcie,

How are you? I’m doing alright. But I could be doing so much better.

Dear Marcie,

Let’s play a game?

Dear Marcie,

Your teeth–

Dear Marcie,

If I don’t get this out, I swear I’m going to blow. I’ve loved you since the millisecond I saw you. Marcie, you magnificent woman! Now ravish my body with your sweltered arms and high brow ways.

Dear Marcie,

I’m not sure what I started to write here, but I know damn well what I will say:

I love you like an ache, deep in my soul. I have been restless without you near. You are very much like a beaver —


Ha! Well, that went South really quick.








2 responses to “Ever tried to write a love letter?”

  1. Dee Ashby Avatar

    Writing about ones feelings are the hardest thing to write. It’s opening up one’s soul. Writing a love letter isn’t as easy as it may seem, but ahhhh the beauty in it’s simplicity.

    1. admin Avatar

      Well said Dee, thank you for sharing! I’m glad you enjoyed the read.



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