Day 42 – The Search For Survivors Continues

September 22

This is officer Raleigh, High Deputy of the Riverside Wastelands. Today’s date is September 22.

We haven’t met a single survivor yet. All of Riverside is a smoldering coal, a Polaroid that captured the final moment of the citizens of Riverside. Even their shadows were captured, burned black into the sidewalks and homes.

We have taken to burning the remains of the dead we find. If not us, it will help the next survivors. The land had already began to stink with rot, and if we left the bodies, we almost guarantee infecting future civilians. If there will ever been civilians again.

My soldiers insist that we are on a fool-hardy mission; that the wastelands are lost.  This mission is hard on all of us, but my men are loyal. They followed me through the beginnings of the third world war, and the follow me now, as we investigate the genocide of the inland empire.

I will continue to write down my findings here and I will record everything I learn about this disease that began the end of the world.

Still alive,

Raleigh / High Deputy of the Riverside Wastelands






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