The Deal – part 1

“Wonderful, it’s just perfect Sam, isn’t it perfect?”

“Yes, it’s perfect Julia, but it’s expensive. Look at the cars, nothing but BMWs and Mercedes.”

“I know, isn’t it perfect?”

Sam and Julia shut their car doors and made their way up the regal steps to meet the realtor standing there. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Gull,” the realtor said. “Today’s the big day, are you excited?”

“Yes, very excited,” Julia said. Sam just smiled. They both entered behind the realtor, who trotted on the tiled floor in her red pumps, and too-short red skirt and matching blazer. She was a sight to Mr. Gull and both the women saw his looks.

“Seriously?” Julia said, “you’re ruining this.”

“So here’s the full kitchen,” the realtor said, “with built in island and real marbled tops.”

“Yeah, look hun,” Sam said, “they are real. Wow, great stuff.”

The tour was rushed, but the property was gorgeous: three bedrooms, two and a half baths, and a three car garage. “This is unbelieveable Julia,” Sam said.

“You like it then?” The realtor said.

“Absolutely, the bathroom alone sold me,” Julia said.

“The space is amazing,” Sam said, “what can you tell us about the area? To tell you the truth, the price is a bit much.”

“Oh,” the realtor said. “Well, I think we could work something out with the price.”

“What?” Sam said.

“Yes,” the realtor said, “you know what I think that dropping the price won’t be a problem.”

“What do you mean?” Julia said.

“Well, this rental has been on the market for a very long time.”

“Because of the economy?” Julia said.

“Yes,” the realtor said. “Because of the economy. You know what? Why don’t I give them a call right now, and we can see about lowering the rates.”

“Wow, yeah,” Sam said, “thank you.” The realtor produced a sleek cell phone from her coat as she walked away.

“What just happened?” Sam said smiling.

“I don’t know but I think we’re going to be hosting holidays at our place this year!”

“Well,” The realtor said, suddenly beside Julia and Sam. “I think we can come to an agreement on these terms.” She handed Sam a sheet of note paper with a number on it. Sam raised his brow and sighed.

“You guys really want to rent this place, huh?” Sam said.

“Yes, we do.” The realtor said.

“I have the papers here,” the realtor said. “If you sign now, we could make a deal and have keys in your hands in a matter of minutes.” She gave the couple a large bright smile and blinked at Sam.

“Let’s do it,” Julia said, “come on babe, we can afford that, lets do it!”

“Alright,” Sam said gently nodding his head. “Yeah, okay.”

The paperwork was thick and plain and the realtor guided the couple through the signatures. Julia and Sam kept trading hidden looks of accomplishment and cheer.

“Alright, just one more paper, and the house is yours.”

“I’ve never heard of moving in the same day we see a place, but your realty company makes things so smooth.”

“Well I am glad you have enjoyed the experience, you’ll remember this day forever.” She smiled again and bit her lip for Sam’s eyes. “Just one more signature, here.”

Sam signed, gave the pen to Julia, and she signed. The realtor scooped up all the papers and organized them in a black document box, and twisted the gold lock shut.

“Well, that’s it.” The realtor said. The couple smiled. The realtor did not.

“What do you mean that’s it?” Sam said. “I thought we were getting keys.”

“Oh yes,” the realtor said. “Your keys. They should be in this bag with your garage remotes.” she laughed a little as she spoke.


Keep and eye out for the next part of The Deal. Thanks for taking a look!










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