Thank you for the writing prompt Minerva Magdalena!

This one-word prompt was submitted by Minerva Magdalena.

Prompt: Empathy

“Holy crap, don’t touch it Ronald!” Amanda said.

“I’m not going to touch it Amanda,” I said. “I’m trying to see if I can open the trap somehow.”

The wolf looked like she’d been there for days. Her huge front leg was snapped in by the bear trap. I backed away and looked around. “Do you think someone could help? Where are we?”

“We’re in the middle of nowhere Ronald, come on, leave that beast alone.”

“She’s going to die Amanda if I don’t do something.”

The wolf lifted her head and moaned a haunting whine. The leg was broken, there was no doubt. “Give me your cell phone,” I said.

“What, why?”

“So I can call a park ranger or something.”

“We’re not even supposed to be off the trail here.”

“You heard her cry just like I did, what did you want me to do?”

“I want to leave Ronald, please, let’s go.”

I didn’t have time to argue with her so I took her phone out of her pocket. “Shit,” I said.


“No reception.”

“Great, come on I’m serious, this is not okay.”

I turned back to the wolf. She was too thin and she barely moved when she breathed. I circled around her to where her leg was caught and I knelt down to inspect it.

“I’m leaving,” Amanda said, and turned to leave.

“Just wait a frickin’ second hon, I think I can get it.” I saw a red tab that showed a picture of the trap opening. “This is it, I can just do it.”

“Ronald wait, please!”

The moment the preassure released from her leg, the wolf turned at buried her fangs in my arm.

“Ronald! No!” Amanda screamed and she rushed to me.

The wolf made horrid noises in its throat as it held on tight to my arm. Her power was incredible. The next thing I remember was Amanda rushing up to us at full speed and kicking the wolf in the side and the feeling of fire in my arm.

I had trouble stopping this prompt. I just kept wanting to go. Thank you so much again Minerva Magdalena for the prompt!









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