Thank you Boy West for today's word.

Here is a prompt based off of a word suggested by a reader.

Prompt: Ecstasy

Sam Tallson lifted his water-heavy clothes out of the cool pacific surf. He tumbled to his knees when he got onto the beach and tried to calm his breathing down. He took a long breathe and then rolled to his side. His ribs raised and lowered slower and steadier each second.

“Sam!” a gargled voice called from the waves. She was in similar disarray as the man, but had more trouble with her wet clothes than Sam. After another wave took her to her knees, she growled as she slipped off her shirt and hopped to get her navy standard issue pants off.

“Jasmine?” Sam said. “Jasmine you made it!”

“Sammy!” Jasmine said as she rushed toward Sam. “Are you okay?”

“I can’t believe we just survived that Jass, We did it, we completed the mission.”

Jasmine gripped Sam by his wet shirt and she trough one leg over him and adjusted her hips. She arched her back and pulled herself into a deep kiss with Sam. Sam reached around to rub the back of her neck.

“Jass, we don’t have to make this more complicated then it is.” Sam said suddenly, disengaging from Jasmine’s lips.

“Good,” Jasmine said, “Then shut up and take off these wet clothes.”

The warm sanded beach, the tall luxurious palms, the gorgeous vined cliffs, all of it was gone. There was only Sammy and Jass, eagerly loving each other, and always trying to one up the other. A kiss for a kiss, sigh for a sigh, and a moan for a moan. Not even the mission entered their minds. For an incredible instant in time, two people wholly engaged their minds and their bodies and nothing else.

Okay, so I used your word to practice my sensual scenes, and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I think the real key is how little you tell and how much you can imply, that makes a sensual scene effective.

Well, that’s just my current hypothesis, so don’t quote me on it.








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