Thank you Angela Willis!

This one-word prompt is courtesy of Angela Willis on my Facebook page. Hope you enjoy!

Prompt: spyglass

The wave hit us hard on our flank. Twenty men went over in the first turn. “For the love of God,” I said, gripping to something both flesh and wood. My eyes burned and the minute muscles in my hands quivered.

“Captain!” A deck man said as another wave dashed our oars apart. “Captain, we need orders sir!”

The man had said more but I could not hear it through the blasting force of wind and water assaulting every inch of me. I held on tighter and fixed my position so I could release my right arm. No sooner had I let go with my right hand, a third crash hit us in opposite direction we had been flying to and the jolt ripped me from my hold.

I was in the air then, against the snapping planks of the ship.

“Captain!” A man called. “Orders sir?”

“I,” I started, then I remember myself and reached deep into my wool coat and pulled out a spyglass. I tried to keep my eyes open against all the raging of the sea, but I could make out nothing but absolute death. I put the glass to my eye and swung it around for hope, but all I saw was ocean.

Well, that was fun to write. Thanks again for the word Angela.








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