Here's another one-word prompt for you.

Word: Ointment

The pain was deeper then. I remember aunt June asking that I go to a doctor, but that didn’t matter now, It was too bad now.

I got fever headaches at night. I couldn’t sleep and my vision was full of holes. Gangrene was upon me and I could not shake her away.

My daughter Maggie held me. “Please father,” Maggie said, “this ointment will sooth the burn.”

“I don’t need to sooth the burn darling,” I said. “I don’t feel anything now.”

Maggie put the ointment on anyway. The last thing I remember was the slick salve against my hand, and the smell of roses before I blacked out.

Hey, that came out pretty neat. The 60s time limit my be a little too… limiting. I will test out different lengths moving forward.

Thank you for the word Matt Morrison!








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