Here's a spooky prompt for Thursday.

Hi you. Here is a prompt for Thursday about abductions. I never usually write sci-fi or fantasy, so I thought it would make interesting practice.

Prompt: Write a scene that involves a supernatural element.

Alien Abduction
This is normal right?

The window imploaded and I felt glass cut me all over. I was screaming then, but I couldn’t hear my voice. Where the window had been was a bright beaming light. I couldn’t look at it.

The room was jumping and my desk and bookshelves were tissue as they shattered around the room. That is when the pull started. It came from my navel and seemed to pull me by the spine. My hips yanked forward and I was thrashing to fight the invisible object that held me fast.

I leaned far back to counter the pull and I tried to turn. My room was all splintered wood and paper and glass. In a last effort to free myself from the white window’s pull, I lied down on my back and dug in my elbows and feet. No sooner had I done this, then the light was gone. I could hear my voice again. I could hear my frantic breaths.

I was too weak to move, so I remained on the floor, catching my breath and wondering at my next move. I did not have to wonder long. In an instant, the light flashed back on, only this time it’s intensity bleached the entire room. By the time I felt the pull again, I was through my window and in the air. The last thing I saw before my eyes went dark was the white beam, a silver cloud, and a smiling face.







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