Here is my second article for NationofChange






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  1. Elizabeth Wiley MA JD Avatar

    Thank you for your courageous step to ask each of us to be a dreamer, to be a warrior, this war will be one of policies, of ideas, and of caring for ourselves, each other and our principles and ideals. I appreciate a young parent who is doing what every parent and grandparent, or aunt, uncle, cousin, sister or brother or just humane person needs to do to make sure the little ones have a better life than what we are leaving them at present. I am afraid for my great grandchildren, nieces and nephews. BUT, I think WE can do this because no other country except America has managed to begin on the process of making women, the original people, and the immigrants all part of the WE, in We the People. Over famines, depressions and wars, America has managed to pull itself together and be better. The fifties started a big middle class, one I think Jefferson and Franklin would have been proud of. We allowed the draft and the Korean, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodian and undeclared 187 wars to drain us of our most amazing youth, but we finally got smart enough to end the draft and move ahead. WE have gotten civil rights for all. We are still fighting it out, but the reality is on the table and we are changing.

    Thank you for asking us to remember that we are Americans, the WE in We the People, and that we do not have to simply lie down and put our voting paws in the air. My one friend says wouldn’t it be great to get a LOT of third party or write in Congresspersons.

    She says, no matter what, a committee of varying people are not going to be the same old two party clones that go along with each other in politics as usual. Maybe one fired up somebody will move things ahead. Maybe veterans who have faced death for this country will not be afraid to throw out the lobbyists, expose them, and the corruption and change things for the best for ALL of the WE.

    1. admin Avatar

      Thank you Elizabeth. I appreciate you taking the time to two share your thoughts. Your encouragement means a lot to me.



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