Here is a different prompt for Thursday evening.

Prompt: Write a biography of your best friend

Alex is … hm.

Alex is sort of that person in your life that keeps you moving. She is the impetus for your greatest aspirations. Tough times can hit hard, but Alex is never disheartened for long. She’ll pick herself up and after that, she’ll help you do the same. She’ll dust you off too if you give her a smile. Her full name is Alexandra Jacobo. She’s twenty four. She graduated from UCI in 2010, but she never talks about that. She talks about inspirational music and bottom lines. She’ll give you a minute for a kiss and an hour for an idea. She’ll share her thoughts and hear yours out, and she never speaks without clear intention. Alex is a thinker, a doer, and the best damn woman a man can have. That is Alex.

That was different. I’m not used to such a nonfictional prompt, but it is good to try things you are not perfectly comfortable with. Thanks for reading!








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