Day 41 – Riverside Wastelands

September 21

This is officer Raleigh, High Deputy of the Riverside Wastelands. Today’s date is September 21. My unit has lost communications with base. The radio towers are down, but we have to complete the mission.

I acquired this journal from one of the slobber-jaws we found near the I-15 freeway. The paper was useable, which is a rarity now. I would have felt bad about taking it, but the beast seemed to have eaten himself to death. Doc took a look and said there were human remains lodged in the throat. Whoever the sick bastard was, he had his fill of his friends.

I am recording everything I can in this journal. Experience is a valuable asset, and hopefully the man who takes this journal off of my dead body can use it to survive. From here, we are moving on to Northern California to make it up to Canada where we’ve heard rumors of a cure and refuge.

We’ve been clearing houses and apartment buildings all over Riverside County, what we now call the Riverside Wastelands. My unit was heading North, combing for survivors. The American government reacted to the outbreak by dropping bombs in Riverside and Orange counties, where the outbreak claimed nearly ninety percent of the population. So far, it seems like it did the job. We haven’t seen a sick one since we set out. We haven’t seen anything living.

Still alive,

Raleigh / High Deputy of the Riverside Wastelands






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