Day 12 – Moving Out

August 23

I knew it was too good to last and it was. The neighborhood was full of those things, and if they realized we were there, they’d have taken us in the night.

We packed early this morning and took whatever we could that would be useful. We have some guns now, so that’s good. There were three: a small snub-nosed revolver, a twelve gauge shotgun, and a colt nineteen-eleven that I took.

I don’t like guns. I’ve never liked guns. But, we need able bodied people to use the weapons, and I’m as able-bodied as we can get right now. I don’t like the damn thing. It’s too heavy to stay in my pant waist, so I hold it wherever I go now which leaves me no free hands throughout the days.

I pushed the rough button that dropped the magazine and I counted three rounds. Just three damn rounds and I’m responsible for making every one count.

The four of us, Kennith, the girls Darleen and Agetha, and myself, headed out around two in the afternoon. We never see them in the streets at two and it is the best time to move in the open. Even so, Kennith carried the shotgun and Agetha felt comfortable with the snub-nose. We had limited ammunition so before we set out we set some ground rules for the firearms. The most important was that we only shoot when absolutely necessary.

None of us know a thing about survival and now that the comforts of our temporary home are gone, and we lie by the freeway in the grass in sticking blankets, we were probably all thinking the same thing. I’m afraid to write it down here, because I don’t want to jynx the damn thing.

The house was nice for a time though. Anyway, If there is another page to this, I’ve survived.

– William S. Tuller






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