This is my second one-word prompt. Hope you like it.

Word: chase

The crashing of tin and stiff paper sounds closer each time I hear him behind me. The noise chases the blood from my back and I don’t feel anything now. I don’t feel anything except fear and fear.

How long is he going to chase me? It’s been an hour, it’s been two, it’s had to have been an hour by now. I can’t breathe and my shins wont pick up the toe of my shoes fast enough and I fall.

I want to roll and scrape along and I wanted to use the momentum to get away, but I hit the ground harder then I thought, and my breathe leaves me and the cop is close.

Ok, this one took me a while to get started on. I’m a little slow today, but I hope you liked it.

For anyone curious, this exercise took me a good 60s just to get started and took me a total of around 4m/30s.

Thanks for taking a look!








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