One-word prompts are fun?

This is my first one-word prompt and the idea is just to take a word and write for sixty seconds as much as you want about that word.

Word: approval

It just wasn’t in the cards I guess. Timing, luck, whatever you want to call it. It just wasn’t meant to happen.

I thought it might have though, and that’s probably where the rub is. It’s a house, the American dream you know? I don’t know. Maybe times are just different now, that’s all.

Annalise will be so sad. But what am I supposed to do. We didn’t get the approval for the house and that’s that. How am I supposed to tell her that?

Hm, that was interesting. Post a word in the comments and I’ll try and use it for the next one-word prompt. Thanks for checking in out!






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  1. Matt Morrison Avatar
    Matt Morrison


    1. admin Avatar

      Great idea for a one word prompt Matt Morrison! I will try to write it today.



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