Let's start the week out with a prompt.

Here’s a prompt that I found in one of my writing books that I simplified a bit. This is a fun one for any writer, so you should try it out.

Prompt: Take a fictional character and describe them in a way that makes them real.


The wheels slip and spit black water on my feet as it passes me on the sidewalk. The miscolored splotches against my green skin remind me of Miss Piggy, and the farm, and home.

I hold my thick tan jacket closer to my slick skin and shrug so my grey and blue scarf that Piggy made me touches my cheeks, but the fabric is more uncomfortable than warm and it doesn’t help that I haven’t had a fly today.

The streets of New York are a dangerous place for a frog. The world is a dangerous place for anyone different. And while I tell myself that it will all be all right, and that I made the right decision, I plod on toward the studio, where one audition could change my life forever.

Maybe uncle Ronny was right. It’s not easy being green, but I think it might not be too easy being any color. Not as long as there is sorrow and woe in the world.

Hm. That was a fun prompt, but I probably could have done with more description and less scene. Maybe not, but here it is anyway, I hope you enjoyed it!








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