Journals aren't meant to be read, but…

Hello you. This post is the first in a collection of journal entries from my meatspace journal. Some of them I will post for academic purposes, so you can see how a fellow writer does it, and some of them I will post just in case my black lab puppy eats my meatspace journal. Which is likely.


“I don’t know what month it is, but I know it is the 28th of that month. It’s a Saturday and I’m still exploring the new house. We moved yesterday, or better the move was yesterday. My wife and I hired some hands and we employed her brother as well. It was the least amount of moving I’ve ever done during a move…”

“The cars are all nicer here. In Camarillo it was old ford trucks, twenty year old BMWs, and endless Mitsubishis that always made me feel sad. Just the sporty ones though, because it seemed fake to me. If I was into fast sporty cards, I would buy an old-old car and fix it up. That way it had some character to it…”

Wow, what is this guy thinking right?

Thanks for checking it out mate!








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