Here is my third prompt courtesy of my wife!

Hello you. So there was only one response to my last prompt and it was from my wife, so here ya go honey, I hope you enjoy your prompt!

Prompt: Write a scene where two characters meet at a zoo.


Mark shook his head and went away from the thick glass that separated us from the great apes. There were a lot that day and Carol wouldn’t leave the glass.

Carol loved to watch the apes. She would clap and laugh and try to show me when she got one of the beasts to kiss the glass. She would laugh at that too.

“Tanya, come here, Tanya look!” Carol said. She was gesturing me to come over and I did. “Tanya, look at these two and their baby. Isn’t that wonderful?”

“Yes,” I said. “The creature is very nice.” Carol made a face and bit her lip.

“Do you see the baby?” Carol said.

“Yes, it is a little girl.”

“How can you tell?”

“Look at the hair and the eyes.”

“Oh, yes you are right.”

“What are they doing?”

“Oh my, the parents are loving eachother, ist’t that wonderful?”

“It looks aggressive to me.” I said.

“Well I know it looks agressive to you, but it’s wonderful to me. Look now they are loving the little one.” Carol swirled the hair on her dark chest sighed.

“You’ll have another one sweat hear.” I said. Carol’s eldest had moved out and she found herself with nothing to do since he left.

“It’s not just that.” Carol said. “I just want to see him. You see how these ape greet each other. That is how I want to be with my boy.” We both moved away from the glass, Carol held her head down.

“Listen to me Carol,” I said. “I’m asking Mira to keep an eye out for your boy in the male enclosure. She told me she would let me know how he was.”

“What do you mean? How did you talk to Mira? She is a great ape.”

“I know, but we learn together sometimes and we to signs with our hands to communicate.”

“You can talk to a human?”


“That is wonderful. Thank you. That is very wonderful.”

“I will let you know if I hear something this evening after the humans all leave the glass.”

“Okay, thank you.” Carol said and put her forehead to mine.

“It’s okay Carol,” I said patting her strong shoulder. “It’s okay.”







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  1. amjacobo Avatar

    Thank you for actually doing my prompt! I like the feeling of reading a more happy passage.

    Now can you please go take out the trash?

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