Day 10 – The First Night of Peace.

August 21

God bless us all that sit here in this shelter tonight. The weather has cleared up and Agetha and Darleen have been keeping us fed and functioning.

Ten days ago, I didn’t think I would live to see my thirtieth birthday, but now that it is here, and it is the first day of quiet in days, I feel a little better about all of it.

I’m drinking now. I drink a lot now. Dammed if I can help it, but I do. That’s all there is to say about it.

The fingers are gone on my left hand. Two of them, the small finger and the ring finger. Kennith tried to patch them back on, but he’s no doctor, the doctor died day one. The places ached where my fingers should have been, and I thought I did the right thing. It was them fingers, or me.

Kate has died. She was a good old Lab, but she was going and we weren’t surprised. It makes me sad though. Thomas has to stand guard alone now. Kate was kind of his big sister. It just makes me sad is all.

– William S. Tuller






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