Check out my weekly article when you get a chance.

Hello you. NationofChange ( has asked me to write a weekly article, providing techniques for approaching literature. You can check out my first article here:

Thanks for having a look/see.








3 responses to “Check out my weekly article when you get a chance.”

  1. Kay Avatar

    As a high school teacher (Social Science), your article today covering “7 Yes or No Questions” made me smile. It isn’t that the content made me happy, but the fact that you are out there making a difference. Your words are powerful, Caleb, and the fact that they are coming from a young man who is only a few years ahead of my students gives me hope for the future. Thank you for your work, and for your commitment.

  2. Judie Avatar

    I fully echo the praise of Kay(above). I will tell you that your literature piece was so good I actually rose from my seat and yelled out “finally someone has painted an awesome picture of what literature really is.”. Then I see this very young man who wrote this pearl of wisdom..You sure give me hope for my greatgrandkids….
    Thank you and .for Heaven sakes keep writing!!!!.

  3. admin Avatar

    Thank you Kay and Judie for your inspiring comments. There is a lot of work and time involved in what I do and your appreciation makes it worth it. Thank you again.



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